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Yet Another Disappointing Read

Chosen: A House of Night Novel by P.C. & Kristin Cast

Flat, frustratingly immature, and predictable, the third novel in the House of Night Series - Chosen - was an utter disappointment. As Zoe struggles with Neferet's various deceptions, she also attempts to juggle three romantic relationships, one of which completely undermines any intelligence or common sense she had displayed thus far. To believe that an adult vampire was interested in her and to go so far as to lose her virginity to him paints her into one of two unfavorable lights: either she was blinded by her own ego or she was easily manipulated. And she wasn't the only one. Her friends are all sheep, naively following, if not Zoe, then someone else around. They are cardboard caricatures rather than real, layered, complex supporting characters. Aphrodite continued to be the only half compelling source of entertainment in this series, and her role in any further novels was placed in jeopardy at the end of Chosen. With little to look forward to in book four, a break from this series seems advisable.

Two out of Five Stars

2011 Goodreads Choice Awards

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In fact, some of the authors featured on this blog are honored in this year's list of nominees. Examples include: Charlaine Harris, J.R. Ward, Ally Carter, Sarah Dessen, Sara Shepard, P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, and double nominee Karen Marie Moning.


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