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Through the Eyes of a MLIS Graduate...

... An In-Depth Look at Libraries, Literature, and Young Adults

21 May
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To chronicle my journey through the wonderful world of young adult fiction, this blog will follow and take note of everything and anything I find useful about the subject. There will be posts about identifying materials for young adults, links to many must read lists, principles of collection development, discussions about banned books, the characteristics of young adults, book discussions, ideas about future projects, brainstorming sessions for promoting reading, and I will share my own personal young adult reading log, making additions as it continues to grow. And I encourage anyone who stumbles upon or finds this blog on purpose to leave their mark here as well. Please, share your ideas, comment upon mine, and, in general, take part in this voyage with me as I discover this exciting and expanding world of young adult literature.

To partner with this journal, I have a proboards site as well. Think of this as my blog's archive, and use it to more easily locate specific sources of information. During the next several months as I embark upon this adventure, I will try to make these two places as user friendly and as welcoming as possible. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send me a private message. After all, yes, this is a project I am tackling for school, but, even once my coursework has been completed, I want this blog to serve as a resource for not only my own future but my friends, student, and acquaintances, too - both in my everyday life and here online. So, crank up the brain power, crack open those books, and let's get reading, everyone!

~ Miss S.