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Roswell High Book Three: The Seeker by Melinda Metz

At the end of the second novel, Maria found a ring at the mall while running from Valenti. Despite the tense nature of the situation, she was so drawn to the unusual stone set in the ring that she still stopped long enough to pick it up. It was pretty, unique, and, for Maria, that's a powerful combination. The very next day, weird things started to happen. She saw inside of her cat's mind, healed her cat's cut paw, and thought she saw her new ring glow. But those things were preposterous. Maybe she was friends with aliens, but she didn't have powers of her own. Despite trying to think rationally, though - like Liz, soon Maria, after discovering she had the capabilities to send her consciousness to find people, had too much evidence in support her amazing conclusion to deny the truth any longer: she had psychic abilities. The revelation was seductive for Maria. While it was one thing to be one of the alien's human friends, it was a different story to crush on Michael from afar and fear that he couldn't love her because she wasn't his equal. So, even in the face of some terrifying repercussions from using her powers - black outs and temporary paralysis, Maria continued to use her powers more and more, eventually targeting Valenti with the goal of locating the alien's long-missing spaceship.

In this third novel of the series, Metz presents an interesting dynamic into the group's friendship: that of inferiority on behalf of the human's. While Alex felt a degree of this in comparison to Nikolas, his insecurities never manifested themselves into real danger for his safety, his health. It was because of Maria's need to be special for Michael that she pushed herself so far, nearly resulting in irreversible consequences, and it is safe to say that this is a compelling and totally understandable theme that will probably be revisited by Liz, Alex, and Maria in subsequent works in the series. At the same time, The Seeker also revealed a flaw in the series. Though not the most pressing danger in the book, the intimidating presence of Valenti still loomed in the background of the story. Despite The Seeker being the third novel in the series, though, Valenti's character has yet to be expanded upon, fleshed out. He's still this one-sided villain who has yet to receive his own voice. He does all these horrible things to the teenagers and comes across as cold and unfeeling... even towards his own son, yet the audience has yet to learn what motivates his single-minded quest to eradicate the earth of all extraterrestrial lifeforms. In order for both the character of Valenti and the struggle between him and the teens to be as gripping as it should be, the readers need to learn more about the Sheriff. If this does not happen in an upcoming book, then the entire series will suffer.

3 out of 5 Stars

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